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Good thing: I saw my first lightning bug in about three years. Made me so excited last night. I seriously haven't seen one since summer of 2002 before I left for Peru.

bad news: My dream job hired someone else (this isn't the one that I interviewed for) and I feel disappointed and mad. The thing is the job is almost exactly what I did in peace corps, I mean verbatim, and the stupid fucks didn't even call me for an interview. I have so much experience, so much, and nothing. I had to pester them. I hate job hunting. It sucks. I try to convince myself it's exciting but being unemployed when you want to be employed is like having a cold that won't go away. 3 weeks, you're popping sudafred but you still can't breathe through your nose at night.

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Hooray! I can comment!

I think you summed up the job hunt beautifully here. I laughed out loud at your astute comparison.

Re: Hooray! I can comment!

I know I finally figured it out as in the comment stuff. My god, I am having such a blah. I think that I ate almost all my 2000 daily calories in this big box of sugar babies that I had, and I don't even like sugar babies that much.

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